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Caribou trophyCaribou

Semi-Guided:  Four hunters with one guide. We hunt the Western Arctic caribou herd. The last census shows this herd has nearly 350,000 caribou. This is the largest of the 32 caribou herds in Alaska, and represents one-third of Alaska’s total caribou population. The herd spends its summers north of the Brooks Range. In August, inclement weather starts the caribou on its migration south to the wintering grounds on the Seward Peninsula.

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Caribou trophyHunts take place on one of the Western Arctic caribou's main migration routes. There are many bulls in the 350–370-point range, with some going better than 400 Pope and Young points. In the past our hunts took place from late-August to mid-September, but in recent years it appears that the caribou are moving later. Consequently, we now offer this hunt in late September. This is a two caribou limit, bulls or cows are legal and you must purchase a tag for each animal.  A word of caution: Caribou are a migratory animal, all an outfitter can do is put you in areas that have historically produced caribou. Anytime you hunt a migratory animal you are at the mercy of the migration; if you’re willing to except the risk, this can be a great hunt. 

$5,200 per person for a seven-day hunt with four hunters and one guide.


Caribou in Combo

Caribou are a great addition to any other hunt. Adding caribou to your moose hunt or fall spot-and-stalk grizzly hunt is a great option. Call or email for a price on a combo hunt.

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For more information on this and other hunts,

email or call 907-455-6056.