Guided Hunt Pricing

Denali Hunts includes a wide range of services in the prices of our guided hunts. For instance, each hunt includes meals, accommodations, equipment, transportation and the help of our highly qualified local guides.

The type of accommodations and transportation, as well as the hunter-to-guide ratio, varies depending on the hunting package that you select. You’ll always receive the best possible hunting experience when traveling with Denali Hunts, however. Our guided hunting costs in Fairbanks-North Star, AK, are entirely comprehensive and all-inclusive.

Package Prices

Here is a quick breakdown of our hunting expedition prices near Fairbanks-North Star AK:

  • Moose hunting

    A twelve day, one-on-one moose hunting expedition with one of our expert hunting guides takes place during the prime of the 20 day moose season each September.
    $4,000 trophy fee

  • Fall grizzly

    This fall grizzly hunt takes place at our exclusive blind located in the heart of the Alaskan Interior over spawning salmon during the peak of the Chum Salmon run
    $6,000 trophy fee

  • Moose / Grizzly Combo

    This sixteen day expedition combines our Fall Grizzly Hunt over salmon with our twelve day prime rut moose hunt.
    $28,500 plus applicable trophy fees


    Our spring grizzly hunts are spot and stalk, which take place along the Dalton highway on the south side of the famed BROOKS RANGE in the world’s largest bow hunting only area.
    $4,000 trophy fee

  • Black bear

    The spring black bear hunts extend through five days in June. Floatplane access to a remote lake and comfortable tent camping included.
    $4,600 per person plus applicable trophy fee

  • Caribou hunting

    Our caribou hunts run for seven days. Join a party of four hunters and one guide. Transportation along the animals’ migratory path in the heart of the rugged Alaskan Interior included.
    $5,200 per person

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It’s important to note that many of our packages can be combined and customized. If you’d like to learn more about ways that you can combine different hunting packages, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.

Book Your Expedition

If you’d like to learn more about our all-inclusive guided hunting packages, or if you’re ready to book your Alaskan adventure, contact one of our friendly representatives today at 907-378-7977. We’d be more than happy to walk you through our pricing policies, and get you on your way to the Alaskan Interior!