Hunting Guides

When you embark on a bow hunting expedition with Denali Hunts, you’ll be working with some of the foremost marksman, trackers and outdoorsman in the Alaskan Interior. Our knowledgeable and experienced local guides boast extensive experience, expertise and skill.

Each Denali Hunts package is all-inclusive, meaning that when you pay for guided hunting in Fairbanks-North Star, AK, you’re paying for your guide’s time, meals, transportation and accommodations. Our guided hunting trips are second to none.

Our Guides

We’re proud to work with some of the most notable nature-lovers and bow hunters in the region. Here are our hunting guides in Fairbanks-North Star, AK:

  • stan parkerson

    Stan Parkerson

    Denali Hunts was started in 1987 by owner/operator Stan Parkerson, as an air taxi that catered primarily to drop-hunts for bowhunters. The bowhunting theme is something that is close to Stan’s heart. He started bowhunting small game as a young boy with his father in Ohio. At age 13, he moved to Alaska and his love of bowhunting only grew. In 1978 he killed a black bear—Stan’s first big game animal—with a bow. Soon to follow were moose, caribou and Dall sheep. Now the list has grown to 14 species.

  • jeff coe

    Jeff Coe

    Jeff, a lifelong Fairbanks resident, has hunted practically everything under the Alaskan sun. Jeff is the proud father of two adult children, and practices as a journeyman electrician when he’s not out in the bush. Jeff loves Alaska’s diverse terrain, and has dedicated much of his time to exploring it. Jeff enjoys both making and shooting traditional bows.

  • bruce

    Bruce Hakel

    An accomplished outdoorsman, Bruce is also a bush pilot. Bruce is an enthusiastic guide who enjoys hunting, fishing and trapping. Bruce’s favorite animal to target is the majestic wolf. Bruce enjoys taking his two teenage daughters out on hunts and hikes throughout the vast Alaskan wilderness. Bruce is an active and in-shape guide, so be prepared to put in long days when hunting with him!

  • michael chadwick

    Michael Chadwick

    Michael, a Fairbanks native, belongs to a proud family of active bow hunters. At the age of 18, Michael and his twin brother were the youngest ever recipients of the Keith Clemmons Master Bowhunter Award. Michael builds and shoots his own hand-made wooden bows. Michael has been guiding hunts with us for more than a decade. He holds a biology degree, and is an extremely knowledgeable guide!



    Meet Carl, the newest of the guides at Denali Hunts. Although Carl hangs his hat in north western Illinois, he is no green-horn when it comes to bow hunting in Alaska. Carl has spent countless falls bow hunting the mountains and streams of Alaska. Owner Stan Parkerson and he met while Carl was caribou hunting in the Brooks Range in 1986 and Stan is proud to have procured him as an expert hunting guide for you. Carl adds another traditional bow hunter to our remarkable team.

Hire Our Guides

If you’d like to work with any of our experienced and knowledgeable hunting professionals, contact one of our friendly representatives today. Call us at 907-378-7977 to learn if there are any upcoming expeditions you may want to join.