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Grizzly Hunts

Grizzly bear trophy When hunting dangerous game with bow and arrow it is important to hunt with a guide that knows bears and bowhunting. At Denali Hunts our guides know about shot placement and how lethal a well-placed arrow is, but can and will act quickly in dangerous situations. Expert guides with a "good eye" and sound judgement are an absolute requirement; they minimize conflicts with game being unnecessarily shot. Many areas are drawing permit only for non-residents, so call us early to get your name in the draw.



Spring Grizzly Hunts

Grizzly bear trophyWe hunt the south side of the Central Brooks Range for our spring grizzly hunts All spring hunts are spot and stalk The bears are feeding on peavine in the river bottoms and the big boars are on the roam for receptive sows. We access the hunt area with a pickup truck and camp in a comfortable 5th-wheel camper. This is the Dalton Highway corridor (the road to Prudhoe bay). It is likely the largest bowhunting-only area in the world. Bounded on the west by the Gates to the Arctic National Park and the east by the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, this is truly a wilderness area with a road running through it. This 10-day hunt runs from mid-May to early June and we are blessed with 24 hours of daylight. These bears have awesome hides and average 6–7 feet, with the really "big bruins" reaching 8 feet. You should expect to see one to two bears per day average. We are over 50% harvest on this hunt and 75% shot opportunity.

$10,500 plus $3500 trophy fee

Fall Interior Grizzly over Salmon

We have the closest thing to “For Sure” Interior Grizzly Archery Hunt available. Hunt from the safety of an elevated 6x12 blind. Shots are less than 30 yards. Large fish fed interior bears.  We’ve known about this spot for several years but only hunted it three times and kill two bears.  But now that we’ve figured out a system to hunt this area we expect to be nearly 100%!  Last years client killed the 7th bear he had a shot at on the first day!  There’s also is a reasonable expectation of shooting a wolf on this hunt.

This is a 5-day hunt. However, if you don’t have a shot opportunity in five days you can come back for 5 additional days and only pay the trophy fee!

Five days: $12,000.00 plus $6,000 trophy fee

Grizzly Combined with Other Species

Combining Grizzly with moose, caribou, black bears and wolf is a great option. In the fall, if the bears aren’t on the fish, they're on the mountainside, feeding on berries in high alpine meadows. Glassing the mountainside for grizzlies and black bears while you wait for migrating caribou or calling for moose is an awesome way to spend your fall hunting season. Call or email us for a price on your combo hunt.

Baited Grizzly Hunts

Soon to come to Denali Hunts are baited Grizzly Hunts! The Alaska Department of Fish and recently opened our primary moose hunting area to baiting Grizzly and Black bears for both a spring and fall hunts.  The fall of 2014 will be the first season for this hunt.  We will be establishing baits this fall and putting up cameras and experimenting with this new hunting opportunity.  Contact us to see how we did or if you would like to give it a try as a Combo Grizzly/Black bear hunt or as a add on to a Moose hunt.

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For more information on this and other hunts,

email or call 907-455-6056.