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Meet Our Guides

As an outfitter and businessman, I came to the realization very quickly that the success of my business rests heavily on the shoulders of the guides that represent Denali Hunts. Most clients look at their guide as the guy that leads them to a trophy of a lifetime. However, the reality is the guide’s number one responsibility is to see that you have a safe and enjoyable Alaskan experience while obeying Alaska’s complicated game regulations.

As an Alaskan bowhunting guide there are many hats to wear and big boots to fill. The most obvious is a good hunter but you must also be a cook, butcher, moose caller, photographer, entertainer, naturalist, medic, boat captain, logger, survivalist, attorney (to interpret the regs) friend, small engine repairman, therapist (when a hunter blows a shot), bow mechanic, weatherman and in some regions, a wrangler, hog wrestler and snake charmer. I think you get the idea. It takes a pretty special person to fill these boots. That is why I believe this is such an important part of this web site and I am proud to introduce you to the guides that represent Denali Hunts!



Shep Jones

Shep JonesRETIRED! Those of you that had the pleasure of hunting with Shep will know just how big a loss this is. Shep and wife Darcy have moved back to Birmingham Alabama. We will truly miss the southern hospitality they both brought to hunting camp! Thanks for your years of service Shep, it won't be the same without you!






Garry Thoms

Gary ThomsGarry Thoms started bowhunting in 1978 when he harvested his first big game animal—a barren ground caribou. Since then he’s harvested black bear, grizzly bear, Sitka blacktail deer, mule deer, Coues deer, whitetail deer, Alaska-Yukon moose, muskox, Dall sheep, javolina, turkey and wolf. Garry also spends a lot of time hunting small game. The most memorable small game hunt was when he shot a goose out of the air. The third one back in the flock—can you believe his hunting partner had the gall to ask which one he was aiming at?

Garry’s been guiding for Denali Hunts since we opened the doors, 14 years ago. He truly cherishes all the memories of the different hunts with his clients and the friendships that have developed from these hunts. Garry says “I’m looking forward to many more hunts for those trophies.” Garry is a receipient of the Keith Clemmons Master Bowhunter award—one of the five recipients that has guided for, or still guides for, Denali Hunts. Garry brings an efficient attention to detail in all areas of the hunt that is unsurpassed!

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Jeff Coe

Jeff CoeJeff is a life long resident of Fairbanks, only 27 years old twice (that’s 54 as we know it). He and his wife Michelle of 29 years have two adult children—Chris and Jenny. Jeff is a journeyman electrician and his “real job” as our wives have been known to call it, is building and runway maintenance for the state of Alaska.

Jeff’s been shooting a bow since he was six years old and even shot a compound for eight years (for this he asks for the Lord's forgiveness) but his true love is making and shooting traditional bows. He has tromped all of Alaska’s diverse terrain from jagged mountains and sheep cliffs to the Arctic coastal plains. He has hunted every species in Alaska but muskox and mountain goats.

Jeff brings to Denali Hunts a quiet and confident demeanor. His woodsmanship and river running skills are second to none. His calm and steadfast approach to hunting and camp life "gets the job done!"


Bruce Hakel

Bruce HakelBruce is true outdoorsman. Hunting, fishing and running a trapline, he loves to target wolves! Five years ago Bruce got his private pilot's license, bought a bush plane and started honing his flying skills to widen his reaches in the vast state of Alaska.

Bruce’s true love is sheep hunting and taking his two daughters—16-year-old Skylar and 12-year-old Megan—on Alaska outdoor adventures. Both daughters shot moose last fall while hunting with dad.

Bruce is in great shape and an enthusiastic guide. If you hunt with him, be prepared to put in long days.


Michael Chadwick

Michael Chadwick

Michael was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska to a bowhunting family.  At age 18 he and his twin brother were the youngest recipients of the “Keith Clemons Master Bowhunter Award”.  When he was growing up there wasn’t a grouse, hare or squirrel within miles of his home that was safe from his arrows.  With more than 30 years of bowhunting experience, Michael has harvested numerous big game animals including moose, caribou and black bears that qualify for the Pope and Young record book.

Fourteen years ago Michael began building self-bows while teaching school in a rural Alaska village. Since then he has exclusively shot wooden bows, taking his biggest black bear, a cinnamon phase with a 19 ½ inch skull with a sinew-backed Osage bow.

Michael has guided moose, caribou, black and grizzly bear hunts with Denali Hunts for the last 13 years.  Michael enjoys entertaining friends and clients alike with stories, humor and his acute observation of nature and wildlife.  With a degree in biology and a naturalist bent, Michael spends his leisure time in the outdoors.  

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