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Monster Moose

Trophy mooseAt Denali Hunts we live to hunt monster trophy moose. You can imagine the rush of a 1700-pound rut-crazed bull responding to your call: he closes the distance laying down the willows and uprooting trees in his wake. You can hear low, deep grunts and then you see a flash of white. The flash turns into a billboard nearly six feet wide, sprouting 20 or more points. The moose saunters in, swaying his massive rack from side to side in a display of dominance. Before you know it the bull is so close you can smell him, look into his eyes and see the steam bellowing from his flaring nostrils and the drool dripping from his mouth . . . If this doesn’t get your mojo running, you need a pacemaker! We aren’t saying that every time a bull responds to a call it's like this, but many times it is.


Trophy mooseWe know what a big bull moose is. We hunt Alaska’s top producing trophy areas.  Over the years our clients have placed five of the all time top thirty trophy bulls in the Pope and Young record book, as well as countless other record book entries. In this unit, as in most units in Alaska, non-resident hunters are required to harvest bulls with a 50-inch or greater antler spread . I strongly believe that a new all time world record will be taken in this area and I want it to be taken by a Denali Hunts bowhunter!

Moose season runs from September 5–25. Because the season is so short we only book six moose hunts per season. Book early to assure your hunt dates.

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Price: $14,500 for a nine-day fully-guided moose hunt, one hunter, one guide
         $13,500 per person for two hunters, one guide
         Additional $3500 trophy fee


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For more information on this and other hunts,

email or call 907-455-6056.